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New XG14 series
with XBus
Combining advanced programming with the highest possible feeling.
Using the XG11s advanced program in the XG8s ergonomic body. Furthermore the XG14 employs the DSX-12s premium grade gimbals with CNC machined aluminium bases for a first-class smoothness of stick control.
The XG14 is a middle to high class RC set with pro class quality and features. Then, introducing the XG14E, the first tray-type transmitter in the XG series, the compilation of JR technology.
XG14 (NET-Q1114G)
XBus 7channel Receiver set #00631
Receiver : RG731BX with RA01T
11channel Receiver set #00632
Receiver : RG1131B with RA01T
Dual Battery 11channel Receiver set #00633
Receiver : RG1131BPU with RA01TL / RA01L x 2
8channel Receiver set #00634
Receiver : RG831B with RA01T
XG14E (NET-U1114G)
XBus 7channel Receiver set
Receiver : RG731BX with RA01T
11channel Receiver set
Receiver : RG1131B with RA01T
XG14E Optional Parts
Palm RestPropo Transmitter Strap B
/ Tray Arms
Stick SwitchTransmitter Case for XG14E

System: 14ch DMSS/Computer Mixing System
SD card slot for data sharing, storage and updates (SD card required) : compatible with data files from XG11, XG8, DSX11, 11XZERO.
Software Version: ver.0001-0001 (as of May 2013.)
TX Battery: 2F1400(Li-Fe) AC Adapter : NEC-A912C Bind Plug Throttle Ratchet Plate
Perfectly supported by JR DMSS Serial Communication System XBus.
Next generation of DMSS dedicated Serial Communication System XBus is able to assign the channels to XBus servos and change their characteristics individually.
Also, the current PWM servos are usable through a dedicated converter. The operation system is selectable from the 2 modes, Mode-A for original JR communication protocol for the gyros and servos, Mode-B for universal compatibility with third party hardware like V-Bar and Beast X gyros. Easy and precise operation by the modellers.

XBus Setting page
ID :
Set the ID# to each XBus servos (or to the output from the PWM converter for PWM servos). Possible to set sub IDs for up to 4 servos in 1 channel.
Over write the new ID# on the current ID#.
Reverse the XBus servos (or PWM servos through PWM converter output)
Setup the XBus servo neutral positions (or PWM servos through the PWM converter output)
Setup the XBus servo max travels (or PWM servos through the OWM converter output)

All XBus setting/adjustments are done from the transmitter wirelessly. Model setup is so easy because the input values are directly reflected by the servos.
Changing the channel setting, and the individual settings such as centering, reverse and end point adjustment (travel) can be done wirelessly.
  • Channel / Set the ID
  • Channel / Change the ID
  • Reverse
  • Neutral (Centering)
  • End Point Adjustment (Travel)
  • Reset

DMSS 2.4GHz 7ch Receiver Capable for XBus
  • Dimensions(mm) : 14.525.548
  • Weight(g) : 15
  • Receiving system : DMSS 8ch
  • Coaxial Antenna Type
  • Antenna LengthCoaxial cable length /120mm, Antenna length /30mm
  • Remote Antenna RA01T equipped
  • Full range telemetry module RA01T
  • Remote extension cable (150 mm)
Super Premium Grade gimbals
Featuring a Large sized Double Bearing mechanism, as used in the flagship model DSX12, with CNC machined aluminium stick bases to improve the rigidness and durability drastically, JR has achieved superfine stick feeling and the best stick operation in the RC industry.
CNC Machined aluminium stick base.
Improved the rigidness and durability enormously compared to the plastic alternatives.
Employed Large sized double bearing for smooth and fine operational feeling.
You can freely and easily set up the programming with this 14 chtransmitter.
Increased the middle points to 5 in each curve setting.
Increased the middle points to 5 for pitch, throttle and other curve setting for the finest setting and adjustment.
  • Throttle Curve Screen

Added Pop-Up feature on the servo monitor screen.
Servo monitor screen, very useful to check the assigned channels, now has a pop-up feature to make it easier for users to recognize the channel.
  • Monitor Screen
  • Monitor Pop-up Screen

Flight modes for airplane and glider are enhanced.
Flight mode quick switching function adapting to the different situations is now available. XG14 has 5 flight modes in airplane mode, 8 flight modes in glider mode.
Flight mode Custom feature to enable the users to customize the priority function.
Screen is for glider type.
  • Flight Mode Select Screen
  • Device Select Screen

Wing type for big scale airplane is added.
3 kinds of Wing and Tail type, 6-AILE , 4-AILE and 4-ELEV are newly added on XG14 for easier setting of the big scale airplane.
Screen is for airplane type.
  • Wing Type Select Screen
  • Tail Type Select Screen

New Swash type for special helicopter is added.
New swash type 4 servos 45 is selectable for the unique overseas large scaled helicopter. Total 7 swash type is now selectable.
  • Swash Select Screen
XG14E European function and form
For the flyers who pay full attention to the fingertips to make very precise stick control, a European style radio born of function and form. The first tray type radio in the XG series.
Photos are with optional parts.
Stick base angle is changeable for you to find your best angle for longer flights without fatigue.