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(Air Flow Assembly Kit) Rudder & Elevator control Kit.

The Airflow has been designed for Beginner pilot to advanced skilled pilots to enjoy Discuss Launch Glider. This is the version with Rudder and Elevator Control High performance DLG glider. This glider has been designed to perform with simple structure to enjoy DLG as first priority. The wing and fuselage are molded from light weight FRP using as little resin as possible. By normal building, Airflow perform maximum potential. Airflow can be modified as custom made Glider for skilled builders.

Rudder & Elevator control Kit.
* It is required to prepare Transmitter, Receiver, Servo and Receiver battery to fly

[Types] JR-DLG1K

身Length : 820mm
身Wing Span : 1000mm
身Flying Weight : 145-160g
身Operation Voltage : 6.0 - 8.5V

身Wing : GFRP+CFRP & foam core using the MIC (metal molded inner core) method
身Fuselage : Glass Fiber (FRP)
身Tail Boom : Carbon composite
身Tail : Film : Balsa covered with film

Age Recommendation : Not for children under 14years. This is not a toy.

[Tools required for assembly]

Hobby knife/CA Glue with accelerant
Epoxy Resin Glue/Ruler/Pen
Phillips Screwdriver/Nippers
Masking tape/Pin vice (3mm)
Heat Gun or Hair Dryer (To shrink films)/Hex Wrench (M2)

Radio equipment
· Radios (JR XG6 which preferably features glider function.)
· Servos x 2 (DS319HV recommended)
· Receivers x 1 (RG411B/RG411BL recommended)
· Receiver battery

Conceputual drawing

Item :


JAN Code : 4944013 300015  


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