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DMSS 2.4GHz 6ch Receiver with XBus (Antenna Diversity Model)

• Antenna Diversity Model.
• Mounted telemetry transmission module supports full range of distance.
• Independent PWM 5 ch output terminal and one output terminal to share both PWM and XBus.


• Dimensions : 12.5 x 18.5 x 42mm
• Weight : 9g
• Receiving System : 6 channel DMSS System with XBus
• Operating Voltage : 4.5-8.5V
• Antenna Diversity Model
• Antenna : Coaxial potion/120mm : Antenna potion/30mm
• Full Range Telemetry Module equipped
• Capabel to adopt one additonal remote antenna as an option.
• Easy BIND system
• Soft Case


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