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VIBE SG E12 Hiroki Ito EDITION Assembly kit

OverviewSpecsIncludedParts & Accessories

This is a special edition of JR 3D flagship model, 700 class electric helicopter VIBE SG E12 FBL.
This is the "revived helicopter " of  F3C world champion Hiroki Ito also known as a 3D pilot's setting.
There are many special features as described below.

Simplest frame design for lighter and even increased rigidity.

Machined main gear and 6mm thicker than existing one.
12mm --->18mm now

Designed to be 19mm lower than existing FBL rotor head.
Capable of mounting helicopters with 12mm main shaft.

As this is a FBL helicopter, Rigid collar is now used instead of the damper rubber.

Using the alignment pin gives you an accurate neutral adjustment.

If you have JR Adjustable metal horn, adjustment becomes more easy.

Optional metal tail blade holder is the standard feature for this model.
Tail gear case has a diamond cutting just like the Metal tail blade holder.
Sharp design.

Carbon pipe is used for the tail control rod to achieve a direct control.

OverviewSpecsIncludedParts & Accessories

  • Overall length : 1,359mm
  • Overall width : 182mm
  • Overall height : 406mm
  • Gross weight : 3,500g or more (not including main rotor blades and Battery)
  • Main rotor diameter : 1,580mm (with XB710-FBL)
  • Tail rotor diameter : 288mm
  • Gear Ratio : 10.3:1:4.65
  • Swash type : 120°CCPM
  • Tail Drive System : Shaft Drive

OverviewSpecsIncludedParts & Accessories

Additional items required

  • 5-Channel or greater helicopter RC system with CCPM.

  • Recommended Servo
    Swash servoFBL-DS01DS8915DS8355DS8325
    Rudder servoMPH81GMP80GDS8900G 
    * Please use together with 2cell Li-po battery and a regulator which has enough output performance such as REG015.

  • Triple axis gyro system (TAGS01 etc)

  • Servo Horn (Big Horn 3pcs and Super Horn 1pc are included.)
    • 27mm to the mounting hole x 3pcs (for CCPM)
    • 14-17mm to the mounting hole x 1pc (for Rudder)

  • Lead harness (150LG 2pcs are included.)

  • 680mm-720mm long main rotor blade with 12/18mm thick blade grip, 5mm mounting hole
    * Do not use Wooden Main Rotor blades.

  • Connectors

  • Battery charger
    (Please select a charger compatible with your chosen batteries.)

  • Battery Guide
    CellVoltage / CapacitySize
    6S22.2V 4500-5500mAh Lipo x 2Length 175mm (maximum)

  • ESC Guide
    Li-po compatible
    12SLi-po compatible
    * Please make sure the ESC has a slow start function. If you use an ESC without a slow start function, there is a possibility that when you start the motor, the sudden increase in RPM will damage the main rotor head or blades.

  • Motor Guide
    Shaft diameter6mm
    Motor attachment base dia (max)61mm
    Motor diameter (max)70mm
    Motor length (max)67mm
    Mounting screw size4mm
    Mounting screw hole pitch30 - 32mm

    PinionGear Ratio
    Pinion : Main
    KV value

Tools required for assembly

The following items will make assembly easier (not included)

OverviewSpecsIncludedParts & Accessories

Item :



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Last update : July 26,2016



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