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Electric FBL Helicopter NEX E6 series

NEX E6-550

The lightest weight "NEX E6-550" in 550 class helicopter.
Electric FBL helicopter NEX E6 brand new now on release !

  • Pre-assembled components
  • STF Linkage provides Direct control.
  • Light weight and high rigidity frame

Nex E6-550 has many new features, Experience the unexplored flight features !

[Equipment showing on the video.]
Main Rotor Blades: Carbon 510mm
Tail Blades: Carbon 82mm
Motor: NHM-40-8P (1750KV)
ESC: NHA-75-SB5 (75A/BEC5A)
Gear ratio: 12.5:1:4.26

Propo: XG8 DMSS 2.4GHz Radio System
Gyro: Triple Axis Gyro System TAGS01
Swash Servo: FBL-DS11
Rudder Servo: DS3500G
RX: RG831B DMSS 2.4GHz Receiver

Pilot: Hiroki Ito (F3C World Champion)

NEX E6-550 RTFフルセット

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