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Multi blade rotor head MB-351

Multi blade rotor head MB-351

Triple axis gyro system TAGS01

If you are using JR TAGS01, please note the following.

¡¦When you adjust the limiter function after calibration, please set cyclic pitch (AILE/ELEV) to +/- 10 ¡¬.
* If the cyclic pitch is less, you will not have full performance.
Other than that, no special setup is required.

G-TUNE setup

No specific G-Tune setup is required. However it is possible to fine tune certain parameters.
Example: When there is fine hunting on ELEV during high-speed horizontal flight, lowering the D gain can reduce the hunting. (refer to the following setting examples.)


The TAGS01 comes with the product is already programmed with following optimized parameters.
Here are the condition for setup.
  • Helicopter: NEXE8-FBL
  • Swash servo : FBL DS01
  • Rudder servo : MPH81G
  • Main rotor blades : Carbon main rotor blades MB351
  • ESC : KONTRONIK JIVE80+HV (mode 4/ helicopter 1)
  • Battery : 4S4400mAh 45C × 2
  • Hovering 1,500rpm
    Stunt 2000rpm
    3D 2,000rpm

Multi blade rotor head MB-351

Multi blade rotor head MB-351

* The values highlighted are modified from default.



Download the TAGS01 parameter file.(GDT file)
*G-Tune and G-Tune cable (sold separately) is required.